My mind is drawing a blank when I think how I can possibly say hello when I never said goodbye...

It’s really strange, because what was originally a very short hiatus, became a 15 month break. When I look back at it now, I know that break wasn’t intentional, but it was so so needed.

 I never expected that life would take such a wild turn. I guess none of us did.  In the past two years, life, of every single human being on this planet, has changed. We all carry our Covid-19 stories, COVID-19 scars. We all have a story to tell, and I never thought I would be the one telling my story because I thought we own our stories but we also can be really precious about them.

At a certain point in life, I realized that if I wasn’t telling my story,  if I wasn’t putting it out there,  the world and other people would tell it for me and that wasn’t what I exactly wanted or saw for myself.

 So here I am, it’s July 2021 and I am dictating this blog post, for the first time ever on an iPad, sitting in a window of a KLCC quarantine hotel, as I come back to Malaysia after a short but long awaited holiday in Poland. 

Yet, I dare to say - life is good,

 life is a blessing,

 life is precious,

 life is to be lived….

 with joy, 

with intention,

 with kindness,

 with courage.


 As I come back to this blog my intentions are clear.

 I’m curious.

 I’m here to learn,

 to listen,

 to reflect,

to support myself and others in this life long learning journey and building and nurturing learning communities and their learners and leaders. 

I’m curious to hear how you’ve all been. 

What has this new midst-pandemic life been like to you - personally and professionally? 

Yours in Courage and Kindness,