New Normal/Social Distancing

Relationships and authentic connections are priceless, especially in times of social distancing and hashtagdistanceeducation hashtagdistancelearning This week's reflections focus on the essential elements that help us foster and nurture genuine and rich relationships with our learners. What is your recipe for engaging with your learners? Has it changed over time? hashtagreflectingonlearning hashtagreflectingonteaching hashtagteaching hashtageducation hashtagleadinglearning hashtaglifelonglearning hashtaglifelonglearners hashtagpypchat hashtageducators hashtagpyp hashtagibpyp hashtaglrnchat hashtagprofessionallearning hashtagschool hashtag21stcenturylearning

Over the next weeks and months schools will be working in high preparation gear.

The feeling of urgency is palatable as we all scramble for research, examples, ideas, and visualize, try and test possible models of classrooms. The stakes are higher than ever, in our attempt to make sure that children stay in our school walls safe and healthy we must not forget what they are in these walls for, in the first place. 

As we start to consider going back to our schools and re-opening campuses, doubts, fears, and questions emerge.

There are so many things to consider, multiple factors, views, and perspectives. How to acknowledge the voices of all the school stakeholders? How to prioritize things that need doing first, second, third.