My mind is drawing a blank when I think how I can possibly say hello when I never said goodbye...

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think, reflect, and truly inquire what values drive you and your actions?

 I’m curious what this year has been like for you?

Have you discovered anything new about yourself?

What values drive you and make you who you are?

Classrooms are catnip for teachers. 

There it is. I said it. 

II meant it too:)

You can visualise it for better understanding, but at some point, whether you're a teacher or not, you are bound to see the connection. 


Ok, it all started as a reflection on student engagement and connecting with the known but somehow in the course of thinking about things, as you would… it became a marketing tip with elements of supply and demand relationship dynamics.. To think that I have two degrees in Education and none in Economics or given Marketing, to quote Cicero “O tempora, o mores!”  ( wow, I'm impressed with myself here;)

I’ve always been the one for a positive attitude, embracing the change and believing that all is possible. My personal vocabulary did not really have any room or tolerance for the NO’s, the IM’s and the UN’s….well until now that is…

I come from a family of educators - my mother, her brothers and my cousins are either teachers or principals.

This summer I'm embarking on an INQUIRY like no other the one that will not only impact me but colleague educators, learners in their care, and hopefully our future. 

Over the 8 weeks of summer, I will show up and listen, reflect and inquire, provoke, and challenge others to truly become a culturally responsive and responsible educator.

I’ve been grappling with issues of discrimination all my life.

I’m a daughter of a Lithuanian descendant mom and a Roma/Gypsy father.

I’m a girl.

I’m Polish and have always worked in my second language.

I’m a single mom.

Every summer is brim with opportunities. Having time for yourself, time with the family and friends, time to learn, and explore or time to simply do nothing - just breathe.