Transition5-Things-to-consider-when-planning-for-socially-distant-classroomsAs we start to consider going back to our schools and re-opening campuses, doubts, fears, and questions emerge.

There are so many things to consider, multiple factors, views, and perspectives. How to acknowledge the voices of all the school stakeholders? How to prioritize things that need doing first, second, third.

In this series of 5 conversations on Instagram Live (@the100languages) and YouTube videos, I look at each of the 5 key factors of reopening the classrooms.




Teaching and Learning

and Communication and Collaboration. 

This time my focus is: Transition and the essential elements of every successful transition (rooted in the psychology of change). 

In the checklist/infographic shared, I encourage colleague educators to reflect on their attitude, knowledge of what other schools are doing (we need to do our due diligence on this) communication and collaboration with all the stakeholders, timelines, and new schedules and routines.

I hope this prompts for discussion and reflection will help your community move forward into this new world dynamic. 

I'm curious... 

How are you planning for the new normal?