Over the next weeks and months schools will be working in high preparation gear.

The feeling of urgency is palatable as we all scramble for research, examples, ideas, and visualize, try and test possible models of classrooms. The stakes are higher than ever, in our attempt to make sure that children stay in our school walls safe and healthy we must not forget what they are in these walls for, in the first place. 

It's our responsibility as educators, leaders of learning, and administrators to continue championing best classroom practices both for the environment, teaching, and learning, collaboration, communication, and reflection. 

I've put together a series of short conversation prompts and graphic organizers that encourage learning communities to plan for these classrooms and environments of the new normal. 

I engage in conversations on Insta LIVE, every Mon/Thurs 7 pm (GMT+8), and share sessions asynchronously on my YOUTUBE channel

If you ever want to join me or have questions and wondering we can discuss it together.

I'm curious to find out how your community is preparing for the new normal.

Let me know.