Relationships and authentic connections are priceless, especially in times of social distancing and hashtagdistanceeducation hashtagdistancelearning This week's reflections focus on the essential elements that help us foster and nurture genuine and rich relationships with our learners. What is your recipe for engaging with your learners? Has it changed over time? hashtagreflectingonlearning hashtagreflectingonteaching hashtagteaching hashtageducation hashtagleadinglearning hashtaglifelonglearning hashtaglifelonglearners hashtagpypchat hashtageducators hashtagpyp hashtagibpyp hashtaglrnchat hashtagprofessionallearning hashtagschool hashtag21stcenturylearning

This week I've been reflecting on the power of genuine human connections and relationships. What makes them? What breaks them and most importantly, how to sustain them. In our classrooms, every day we are exposed to tens and in our campuses hundreds if not thousands of human connections and attempts at human relationships. I say (write) 'attempts' intentionally because not every connection becomes a relationship - however, every relationship starts with connection, genuine curiosity about the other person, and a will to listen to their story and communicate ours. 

Through my reflections I've honed in on five elements that grow and sustain relationships:






I unpack these elements in my YouTube clip and Insta Live chat.

I'm curious, what is your recipe for authentic relationships in your school and classroom?